Feeling like your creativity is dripping dry? Under your eyelids you see a panorama of a cracked dry soil and tumbleweeds rolling across the scenery?

You have something to say but you can’t say it? Your mouth is dry.

Don’t panic, cowboy. Help is near and the treatment is easy.

I tell you; you just need a little hydration. And your content needs a pinch of storytelling.

Say Heyday to Desert

Come up with a story, water it and let it grow. You know; gardening.

You’ve got to get those creative juices flowing, so that your content can thrive.

Some find it easy, some even impossible.

If you feel odd about content gardening, hire a copywriter.


Photo: Tuulia Kolehmainen

Sanna Kaverinen

  • Helsinki based copywriter, content producer and fact-driven creative writer.
  • Helps you to create top-notch web copy, short and long, killer blog content and concepts that will make your customers buzz.
  • Is passionate about any imaginable topic. In fact, the “dry” industries are the most awarding ones.
  • Has worked with language for five years in publishing, corporate communication and creative field.
  • Master of Arts (University of Helsinki), specialized in Finnish Language, Translation and Media Studies.
  • Check out LinkedIn and email via sanna.kaverinen[at]gmail.com.